Nutrition and weight loss for musician

Being healthy is what every person wants in life to be happy and to live long. There are so many problems that occur because of lack of nutrition and today in this competitive world, staying healthy is a challenging process faced by all individual. By eating so many junk foods and eating oily foods and taking food at abnormal times causes one important health deficiency in people which is called obesity. Once this comes, all other diseases or health hazards start following. Increase in cholesterol content will lead to obesity and it is a big enemy to defeat. One needs to do lots of exercises, yoga, and other healthy activities to fight obesity.You can read a good post about how music support good health at

This article will guide all people who are out there suffering from obesity and are desperately looking for solutions to lose incredible amount of weight. Even musicians are people and they used to get all these problems too. But the advantage they have is because of their profession. When one is involved in music it burns a lot of calories and helps in keeping them fit and healthy. Music playing, singing anything can be done. Music playing will tremendously reduce weight as it burns a lot of calories. Playing Cello for 15 minutes will burn 17 kilo calories. Playing drums will burn 51 calories in 15 minutes and flute will reduce 17. Violin, piano, and trumpet will take out 26 calories. Sitting and playing guitar will erase 20 calories while standing and playing will remove 34. Therefore, musicians always have an added advantage of being healthy and fit.

Nutrition and weight loss for musician

Some tips for weight loss:

1) Do not skip meals

Do not think that skipping meals will reduce your body weight. Never starve to reduce weight. It will increase the stomach capacity and whenever you eat you will eat a lot than normal.

2) Avoid overeating

Think when you will eat a lot such as night eating, social eating, and parties. Avoid unplanned eating which normally makes your mind to eat a lot. Eat less when you feel hungry and avoid snacks to a certain extent.

3) Eat balanced food

Eat foods with reduced fat and oil content. Reduce sugar and salt as well. With minimum food have some exercises that will burn a lot of energy for you. Cut down on alcohol. Replace sugary drinks with plain water.

4) Exercise is the key

Exercise will help you to prevent muscle loss. It keeps your metabolism ticking at a healthy level. People have become inactive because everything they need is available at their doorstep. Look for a change and so regular exercises daily. Physical activity should be in our daily schedule.

The exercises can be done in many ways like playing your favorite sport, gardening, cycling, running, walking the dog, playing more outdoor games with children, take stairs instead of using lifts, dancing, increased movement throughout the day, be physically active are some of the recommendations from us so that your day can be healthy and happy. All these small activities add on to the better living of your future and surroundings.