The secret to a good, young brain is a healthy diet and a peaceful sound state of mind. Pair a nutritious diet and some cooling, relaxing music- a good dose of both every day and voila! You’ll be bursting with energy and become very alert.

Nutrition and the brain

Diet does have a huge effect on the brain. Note how you get a sugar-rush each time you have some cake and Pepsi. Note too how blank’ you become when you have not had anything to eat the whole day. All these are conditions of the brain caused by what food is present in your system. However, not all foods are necessarily good for the brain. There is a good group of foods known as brain foods’ that when integrated into diet boosts brain alertness and performance.

These brain foods include:

1. Blueberries

These are also fondly called brain-berries. Blueberries are tasty fruits that help protect the brain from oxidative stress and reduce effects of age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. They increase learning capacity by delaying short-term memory more information about music and healthy aging at

2. Tomatoes

These juicy red numbers contain antioxidants known as lycopene that brain against free radical damage to their cells which occur during development of diseases such as Dementia.

3. Tea

Not just any tea. Freshly brewed tea. Tea contains caffeine, which when moderately taken can boost brain power and enhance mood and memory. Tea also contains antioxidants called catechines, that promote healthy blood flow to the brain. For these antioxidants to be produced, the tea has to be freshly brewed.


4. Chocolate

Before you say yum, the word here is dark. Dark chocolate has a gold-mine of benefits to the body, one of them being brain boosters. Dark chocolate contains stimulants, including caffeine that keep the brain alert. They also stimulate the happy chemical, endorphins which improve mood. You know they say, a smile a day keeps aging at bay.

5. Wholegrain cereals

Wholegrain cereals, particularly I their brown form, produce a lot o =f energy for the body, including the brain. Concentration and focus all need energy; that is why when you are hungry you cannot concentrate, let alone solve a Mathematical problem. These cereals slowly release glucose into the bloodstream in healthy and safe amounts and these are then converted to energy.

Music and the brain

A nutritious diet alone is not enough to strengthen the brain and it keep it healthy. Music is a known brain medicine that should be paired with proper food to give the brain much needed therapy. After all it is the most active part of our bodies.

Music is said to

· Exercise the brain as it activates all parts of it.

· Improve moods by increasing the neurotransmitter dopamine, the feel-good chemical.

· Help the brain become alert and helps in concentration.

Not all genres of music are therapeutic to the brain. Only a selected few should be incorporated to your daily routine to incorporate a regime of food and music paired as menu. One of the best preferred genres is classical music; the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. The Mozart effect reportedly makes children smarter and classical music is widely used by parents to improve their children’s learning skills.