Fuel Your Singing Voice with the Right Nutrition

We all know how important healthy food is for our wellness but for a certain part of humanity – us, singers, it is of great importance to eat the right food because the wrong nutrition just makes your voice peter out.

As I have been asked many times what I use to fuel my voice, I already have a top list of super-foods which I would like to share now with you. My experience with singing forced me to become also a crackerjack on nutrition so here I unveil my best pals on the table:

1. Let’s start off with hydrating: eat as much food with higher water content as you can (or drink lots of water). Dry vocal cords are less flexible and more susceptible to damage. Add more green leafy vegetables such as kale and celery (which is great for the nerves) or bok choy (an actual super food!). So, we are surely speaking about salads; you can also add avocado for lubrication – and voila! Don’t forget the olive oil – salads’ and vocals’ best friend.click here to read a good post about Nutrition and weight loss for musician.

2. Speaking of lubrication: besides avocado and olive oil you can rely on apples, lemons, hard candy and ginger tea. If you’re feeling hoarse or scratchy, a spoonful of honey will soothe your throat and fight off bacteria. Eggs (raw as my grandmother used to feed them to me) are also good in this case.

3. Veggies and fruit rich in Vitamins A, C & E to keep the mucus membranes healthy. These also help the body shed toxins and fight diseases. Strawberries are great for the larynx, and so are raspberries, blueberries and plums. You can include bananas and watermelon in your regime but avoid citrus.

4. Go for the raw. Seriously, fresh organic food is superior to packaged or processed food. Singers need oxygen and energy, fresh vegetables and fruit are the optimal choice for a good nutrition diet. In particular, energy suppliers are: wheatgrass, watercress, kale, arugula, spinach (raw, not cooked), romaine, mixed greens, broccoli rabe, endive. Don’t rely on tomatoes – they cause reflux.

Fuel Your Singing Voice with the Right Nutrition

5. Protein, my friends: fresh beans, hummus, quinoa and soy products (tofu, seitan, soy milk) for the vegetarians who might struggle in this area. For the rest – a steak is always available but make sure you shift with fish and poultry. Remember that salty food absorbs water, so don’t overdose!

6. Small “Combo” Meal is what a singer usually eats before a performance. Favorites on my list are salmon and salad, eggs and toast, or chicken and sweet potatoes rather than rice for balanced proteins and carbs. In addition to supplying the body with a whole lot of energy, these meals are also known to calm the nerves. Don’t eat sugar as it spikes your blood pressure and performers can’t go dizzy on stage!

In conclusion, singers’ enemies are: alcohol, greasy and spicy foods, caffeine and dairy products. The last have been linked to sinus infections (and we need to protect our noses, ears and throats). Sound vocals in a sound body, right? Bon appetite!